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How You Can Nurture Creativity with Preschoolers

More than just child’s play, creativity is the foundation for unique thinking, problem solving and confidence – skills that people need throughout life. While all children have natural creativity, it’s important to nurture this skill and let it flourish. Here are five ways the teachers at Palmerston North’s The CubbyHouse Napier Road encourage creativity at our daycare centre.

Time outdoors

Nature offers endless opportunities for discovery, experimentation and problem solving. When children are outdoors, they have questions about everything from the clouds in the sky to the worms in the soil. All around you there are sights and sounds and smells that lend themselves to children’s growing minds, which is why our daycare centre emphasises spending plenty of time outdoors.

Set the scene

We like to get the creative juices flowing by setting the stage for pretend play and then letting the children take the idea and run. At home, you might like to build a library, a train, a shop or a doctor’s surgery together and then watch your youngster get to work. Children see the world without the limitations that us adults have adopted over the years, so often all it takes is a few boxes and suddenly they’ve created their own little world.

Reading books

The shelves at our Palmerston North childcare centre are lined with books because they are wonderful in so many ways. Of course, they help with vocabulary and communication, but books also foster creativity and imagination. There are all sorts of wild and wonderful stories hidden within the pages of children’s books, some offering realistic portrayals of the world while others invent entirely magical ones. Reading a wide range of story styles helps teach your child that their imagination is limitless.

Open-ended toys

Some toys have a very specific use and can mostly be used in one way only. While there is a time and a place for a wooden toaster or a remote-control truck, our childcare centre is largely filled with open-ended toys because these are the ones that really encourage creativity. Every child will use blocks, playdoh or magnetic tiles differently, leaning into their natural imagination and building their creativity.

Arts and crafts

Creative expression effortlessly fosters imagination, which is why our daycare centre always has arts and crafts projects on the go. We might offer a theme or idea to get the children started, but we like to let them follow their own interests in order to see the imagination really flow.

If you’re looking for a childcare centre that believes in fostering creativity in children, look no further than The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre in Palmerston North.