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How our Daycare Makes Sure the Next Generation Cares About the Planet

Sustainability is a hot topic these days. We all need to do our part in protecting the planet – and making sure the next generation carries this torch is essential. That’s why the team at The Cubbyhouse Napier Road in Palmerston North is dedicated to teaching sustainability to our daycare children, instilling in them a love for the planet and the building blocks for a more environmentally friendly future. Here’s how we do it.

Time spent in nature

Preschool aged children learn by doing, so before we talk about the planet, we let them discover it for themselves. Our daycare centre boasts a beautiful outdoor play area where children get to explore the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. They gather leaves and watch the clouds, jump in puddles and run across the grass.

Not only is all the time spent outside healthy for their physical and mental selves, but it is also teaching them the worth of our planet. Once they have this appreciation for Mother Earth, discussions around why it’s so important to protect her are easy.

Bringing nature inside

Once their love of the earth is established, our childcare teachers make sure to complement this with nature-themed indoor activities. We frequently set out arts and crafts, sing songs and read books all centred around nature. By infusing our daycare’s indoor space with reminders of the beauty, value and importance of the environment, we make learning more about the earth more fun, memorable and engaging.

Sustainable practices at our childcare centre

We introduce sustainability to our tamariki by including eco-conscious habits in our everyday life. One big practice we have long adopted at our childcare in Palmerston North is the Three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. From a young age, our children know that rubbish goes in one bin, and recycling in another and they are keen to get it right.

Our children also understand the difference between food scraps and waste, and we explain that our goal is to reduce waste from even reaching the bin in the first place. We use local suppliers as much as possible and limit paper waste by using Storypark to communicate with our whanau and community.

We built our own garden

We love teaching our children all about where their food comes from with our very own garden. We grow veggies and herbs, and the children get a chance to experience the joy of watching your hand-sewn seeds turn into nourishing, delicious food.

The daycare teachers at The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre Napier Road in Palmerston North are dedicated to helping instill a love of the planet in the next generation. If you’re interested in a childcare centre that values sustainability, get in touch today.