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Food For Thought at Our Childcare in Palmerston North

At The CubbyHouse Napier Road childcare centre in Palmerston North, we understand that the relationship your tamariki have with food is a lifelong relationship. Our daycare wants to be part of building healthy bodies and healthy minds – and we believe the fundamentals for achieving these ideals begin with good nutrition and active play. While every child is different, there are a few things we do here to ensure your tamariki hits the ground running every day.

Picky Eaters

Having a child who refuses to try new foods or won’t go near a vegetable can be very stressful for the whole family. At our childcare in Palmerston North, we are here to help your tamariki grow strong, and we have some great ideas about how to get your choosy child to get their 5-plus a day. It’s all about creative cooking, for example, take the classic spaghetti bolognese, let’s think of a couple of ways to tune this dish up so your daycare kid is getting a little extra nutrition.

Incognito Vegetables

Next time you are in Palmerston North doing the shopping, check the pasta aisle for a wholemeal spaghetti alternative, most kids won’t even notice the difference when the pasta is smothered in sauce and topped with cheese! Now, take your classic spag bol mince, once the mince is browned off in the pan you have a perfect opportunity to sneak in some grated vegetables.

Simmer Your Sauce

Try a carrot, kumara, or pumpkin, fresh beetroot works well too, you don’t need to cook them first, just grate them on top of the mince in the pan. If you cut mushrooms up very small and cook them well they begin to resemble the mince, you can also slice up spinach or silverbeet and slip those in too. It’s all about simmering the sauce away for a good amount of time, once it hits the plate it just looks like mince and cheese! Make sure to get lots of garlic into the pan too, when you are serving up you can even try a vegan cheese on top, there are loads of great dairy alternatives available these days.

Award-Winning Food!

At our early childhood centre in Palmerston North, we have been awarded the Pa Harakeke (Gold) Healthy Heart Award this is a New Zealand Healthy Heart Foundation award. We got this award because we cook fresh seasonal food for your children every day, we serve up balanced meals that are low in sugar from the Nourish programme, and we provide great alternatives for those childcare families who are plant-based or need care around sensitivities or food allergies.

Get in touch with The CubbyHouse Early Childhood Centre – Napier Road today to give your kids the best start. At our daycare centre we are building bright futures with healthy meals and active play.