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Staying Connected with Our Community

At The Cubby House Napier Road in Palmerston North, we love making art! We spend lots of time at our childcare centre exploring the world through creativity, getting our hands dirty with paint and glue, making cool sculptures from sand and clay, and getting sticky fingers with homemade paste. There is nothing like bringing home that first piece of art that your childcare kid has made all by themselves, these are special moments to be celebrated with a frame – or to take pride of place on the fridge.

Sharing Is Caring

Bringing home arts and crafts from daycare is a cool way to keep wider whanau and friends included in the day to day moments that mean so much to your tamariki. It’s always nice to have a few bits up around the house, to use old paintings as wrapping paper or to repurpose art into birthday cards for friends. It can be a little tough at the moment to always get over to see your whanau, and we are all being extra careful when we visit our seniors, so it’s great to come up with other ways that we can keep them in the loop. At our childcare centre in Palmerston North, we have a cool way for you to celebrate all the work your tamariki are doing at our early childhood centre, it’s called Story Park!

Sustainable, Safe Ways to Share

Of course you will still send Nana and Poppa some macaroni art for the wall, but now you can also share pictures and videos of all the cool stuff your child gets up to across the daycare day at The Cubby House Napier Road. Story Park is an App that you download onto your phone or tablet that we use to reduce paper waste, and to show you what’s happening in the early childhood centre every day.

Story Park Keeps You Organised

Story Park at The Cubby House Napier Road in Palmerston North is a great way to share sustainably, and you will love how easy this makes things, especially if you have multiple children attending centre and school! Everyone gets their own account where you can see your child learning and growing while they are living their daycare life. We upload videos and photos of activities they are participating in and you can then decide who you want to share these with.

Story Park Keeps You Connected

The Cubby House childcare on Napier Road understands that parenting is a wild ride sometimes, and we don’t always have the answers. They do say there is no rule book for parenting, however, the Story Park App does also have a great section where you can access articles, tips and tricks that are tailored to address the needs of the particular age group you are parenting. It also lets you comment and chat on your posts with those people that you have invited – this helps our whanau feel supported and connected.

Join the Palmerston North daycare community at The Cubby House Napier Road, we are working together to stay connected.